Carrera-Podium Srl
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Company Description
Carrera Podium was established in 1989 by the ex pro rider Davide Boifava, Luciano Bracchi and Francesco Boifava. It was founded as a result of experiences matured in professional cycling races by the three partners. The company?s goal which is simple and clear, and which is supported by a rich history of over 500 victories in the most prestigious competitions, is to make bike lovers? dreams come true with a superior quality product able to give thrills and enjoyment including the extraordinary feeling of well-being that comes from keeping our body fit. In one word, a product capable of conveying an all-Italian taste which is unique and inimitable. Carrera Podium is aiming at this goal today, just like it has been doing in the past, with unaltered passion based on a philosophy centred on strict professionalism and know-how. On one hand the company aims at research and setting-up innovative technologies as regarded to materials and workmanship methods, on the other hand it stands out for its actual capability of being ahead of trends on a constantly evolving market developing together with the product a superior quality service that takes really care of the demands and expectations of its clientele.
accessories, bicycle frames, clothing for cyclist, forks and fork tubes
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