F.G.M. Painting and production
via Brescia n 54/e
25020 Bassano Bresciano (BS)
tel: +390309935202
fax: +390309935491
Company Description
He was born in 2001 in partnership with companies in the Far East (China - Indonesia - India), in order to buy crude, then paint it inside all'nostro as required and provide personalized customer service, prompt delivery, quickly. Currently we import rough bicycle frames and forks for both steel and aluminum. In this regard, the following sentence by clicking on the following Catalog Frames and forks can be found in a wide range of products always available in our stores, and decide which colors to apply to them. In addition, in order to provide an additional service we provide kits ready-to-first installation
children-kids, cruising, folding, mountain, special use
bicycle frames, bicycle racks, forks and fork tubes, handlebars, mudguards
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