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Welcome to the Associations & Magazine page. Below you will find a list of websites related to the bicycle industry on the US and Italy territory.

United States

Decline Magazine

The downhill mountain bike magazine. Gravity racing, freeride, slopestyle, dirt jump, street, park and all-mountain off-road cycling tomfoolery.

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Rood Bike Action Magazine

- GET READY for the most comprehensive bicycle tests, product buyer’s guides, racing and riding features, plus “how-to’s” in every issue!
- The ONLY ALL-ROAD title published 9 times a year!
- IMPROVE your cycling experience with tips from the BEST staff in the field.

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The journal of competitive cycling.
Every issue of VeloNews is filled with comprehensive news, exclusive rider interviews, expert training advice, unbiased gear reviews and the best race analysis.

Bicycle Retailer

Bicycle Retailer & Industry News covers all aspects of the bicycle industry ranging from the state of retail sales to labor rates in China. The magazine, published 18 times a year, is delivered to more than 6,500 retailers in the U.S., more than 900 retailers in Canada, and is mailed to industry executives in Canada, Europe, Taiwan, China and a half-a-dozen other countries involved in the global business of manufacturing and selling bicycles and accessories. It is the leading voice worldwide of the bicycle industry.

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National Bicycle Dealers Association

Since 1946, the NBDA has represented the best in bicycle retail. If you are a specialty bicycle retailer, an NBDA membership will help your business grow. Summary information on NBDA and it's programs can be found on the proceeding pages. Join other dealers in Leading Bicycle Retail to Excellence and become a member of the NBDA today!

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E’ una rivista che si occupa di manifestazioni di ciclismo su strada, alle quali regolarmente presenziano migliaia di partecipanti. La linea editoriale prevede dibattiti, presentazioni ma anche servizi tecnici, test di specialissime e soprattutto anticipazioni su questo fantastico mondo che la testata “Gran Fondo l’Originale” rappresenta sin dal 1994.

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Portale italiano che accomuna riviste specilizzate a tutto campo nel settore del ciclismo

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Portale italiano della rivista "Ciclismo". Contiene news e approfondimenti su agonismo, grandfondo e tecniche.

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Associazione Nazionale Ciclo Motociclo Accessori | ANCMA

Associazione Nazionale Ciclo Motociclo Accessori è l'Associazione Sindacale di categoria che riunisce le aziende italiane costruttrici di veicoli a 2 e a 3 ruote, di quadricicli e di parti ed accessori per gli stessi veicoli. Costituita nel 1920, aderisce a Confindustria.

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